What does the QTO do?

The Queensland Government passed legislation to establish a permanent Training Ombudsman as part of its plan to focus on quality training and reinvigorate the vocational educational and training (VET) sector in Queensland effective 22 April 2016 (PDF, 996KB).

The Queensland Training Ombudsman will strengthen the Queensland VET sector by improving consumer protection and providing VET students, employers and other significant stakeholders with a clear pathway for complaints.

Role of the Queensland Training Ombudsman

The Queensland Training Ombudsman provides a free, confidential, and independent service to review and resolve enquiries and complaints from apprentices, trainees, students, employers and other stakeholders about the VET system.

The Queensland Training Ombudsman can help you navigate the complex VET sector and find the best way to address your concerns as well as provide free and impartial advice about rights and responsibilities within the VET sector.

The Queensland Training Ombudsman will look at your circumstances and assist you to resolve issues appropriately by:

  • reviewing the issue and recommending the most appropriate action to take
  • referring the complaint to another agency if they are best suited to assist
  • mediating between parties to come to a mutually beneficial solution.

The Queensland Training Ombudsman also plays an advocacy role for the VET sector by reporting on systemic issues and advising the State Government on ways to improve the VET system.

Read the Queensland Training Ombudsman brochure to learn more about the Office of the Queensland Training Ombudsman.

Frequently asked questions

For more information about the Queensland Training Ombudsman and how to make an enquiry or lodge a complaint, view frequently asked questions.