Checklist of actions you can take now

From the hundreds of conversations we’ve had, we’ve developed this handy checklist of actions you can take right now to progress your complaint.

If you’re a student, have you registered a complaint with your RTO and completed their internal complaints process?

You can usually find details of the RTO’s complaints procedures in your student handbook or on the RTO’s website.

Who else have you spoken with?

A number of agencies help people in the VET sector. If you’ve registered a complaint with another agency, let us know. We’ll also talk to the relevant agencies as we seek to resolve your complaint.

What paperwork have you gathered?

To progress your complaint, you’ll need to provide as much supporting documentation as you can, including enrolment forms and emails.

Here’s a good list to start with:

  • a description of the actual incident/situation
  • any relevant dates
  • location where the event took place
  • supporting documentation/evidence to substantiate the complaint
  • prior actions taken to address the issue and the outcomes of these actions
  • current contact details of all participants involved in the situation
  • the outcome you are seeking.